Hiwi youkhana Engelska med did. inriktning - A - VT 11, Communicative competence

1) 'The teacher and the students discuss together – I chose to rank this pattern as number one because i think it is extremely important for the pupils to practice the new language they are about to learn and will use more and more. Through talking the language, they become more self-confident even if mistakes are made. This is where the teacher plays a great part in pupils’ learning. The teacher should be very patience with the pupils and also kindly correct their mistakes. The importance in correcting in a kind way is important so the students don’t get scared of making mistakes; it is after all through your mistakes you learn.

The teachers that i have had in my school years have been great, since they were patience and really did let me make my mistakes so i could learn better.

2,3) The students work in groups and the students works on projects – these two patterns seem quite similar since the pupils work in groups. It matters a lot what the project they are due to work with is. The different projects the students are to work with is important, since you intend to lose interest if you don’t find it amusing with projects. The importance in these two patterns is about changing ideas and thoughts through the communication students in between. It is easy to slip away from speaking English with the teacher to speaking Swedish with the group friends. One thing my teacher did to make sure we all spoke English having these group projects was to give each group a mini tape recorder to record each group members voice. This helped the teacher alot whom couldn’t be with all of the groups at the same time.

1) The students work individually – It is important to let the pupils work individually so you can see their levels. Knowledge should be based on the pupils’ ability of learning. You can’t force an individual to learn something, you have to let them take their time and also help them, if needed. Here the teacher has to be attentive with these individual works so no student falls behind.

5) 'The teacher talks, individual students answer – It can be useful with this old-fashioned way of teaching, but less frequently. Also here, the teacher must be very attentive so not the regular students answer all the time. Some people are quiet by nature, even they must be given a chance to speak out.

6) 'The students listen, the teacher talks – I had trouble finding anything positive with this pattern since it is against my way of teaching and learning. This way of teaching will not let the pupils blossom. As I mentioned earlier, it is extremely important to try on your own to learn, if you make mistakes it is not much of a big deal. It is as pupils we ought to make mistakes. We are neither born English nor Swedish; we become the ones we are through practice.

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