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1. The teacher talks, individual students answer

2. The students work individually

3. The students listen, the teacher talks

4. The students work in groups

5. The teacher and students discuss together

6. The students work on projects

The motivation to why I choose to rank the communication patterns in this order is because I have the experience of seeing the teacher being the one that, for most part, handles all the talking in the classroom, a so called monolog. The interaction between the students or between the teacher and student is something that, unfortunately, does not happen very often. It happens that they work in groups and write about a subject, but in these groups they often tend to speak in Swedish. For most parts they work with their student books individually and in some of these classes they are not even allowed to interact with each other because it is considered to be disturbing to the class order. Interaction is one of the most important ways of learning and teaching. I have been in 2 different schools during my VFU and for most parts I have the experience of “Grammatical competence”, which involves the accurate use of a vocabulary and the use of words and structures (syntax and morphology). The theoretical way of using the English language is something that should be emphasized but it should also go hand in hand with the practical way of using the language. I can see that I agree on some of the rankings that have already been made. The interaction between students and teacher and student is a part that is lacking in the swedish schools when teaching English.

/ Juliet Fermano

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